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Pop bands of the 80s

In the process, they released much memorable music that commands rabid fandom still today. Here are 10 English artists - listed in no particular order - that offer some pretty good reasons why that small island country remained so important to pop music during the '80s. And those titles just really scratch the surface, as any of the band's ardent fans could surely attest.

pop bands of the 80s

One of the most prominent and popular bands of the '80s, this Birmingham-based group rode an MTV -fueled music video wave to massive popularity in the U.

Although the band's music was often a pleasant diversion at best, it's impossible to deny the central role Duran Duran continues to play as guardians of '80s nostalgia.

This underrated New Romantic outfit made some special contributions to '80s culture, from the heavy blush makeup style of its members to the rather forward-looking gender equity exhibited in both vocal duties and the wearing of said makeup. But for me, the main draw for these synth-pop masters was the booming vocal style of Philip Oakey, whose pipes provided singular moments on the monster hits "Don't You Want Me" and "Human.

Although it's a bit of a misnomer to call Costello an '80s artist or to link him to any one genre, this highly literate and versatile singer-songwriter was nonetheless a major force in the '80s, even if most of the damage he did was off the mainstream charts. Love him or hate him and more music fans than ever may be leaning toward the latter after his somewhat dreadful Disney contributions of the sPhil Collins was a prototypical '80s superstar.

He ruled the decade with his soft rock solo work, but, amazingly, also maintained an incredibly successful side job moonlighting as frontman for progressive-turned- arena rock band Genesis.

pop bands of the 80s

The number of songs music fans heard during the '80s directly involving Collins was astounding; the number of good ones was even more noteworthy. Always one to choose the quirkier path than former bandmate Collins, both as the frontman of the early version of Genesis and on his own, Peter Gabriel also got his hands deeply into the '80s musical machinery.

All were and continue to be vital singer-songwriters, but I think Jackson endures particularly well through his wide span of instrumental prowess as well as his wonderfully crotchety worldview.

Top 100 Synth-Pop Hits of the '80s

Luckily for Idol, the quality of enduring classics like "White Wedding ," "Eyes Without a Face" and "Rebel Yell" was pretty much equal to their popularity. Still, covering "Mony Mony" was not the most artistically sound decision in the world. This unique new wave band has never received the attention and adulation it deserves, so I take it upon myself to put a stop to that nonsense right here.

Cy Curnin was a commanding frontman and passionate vocalist, but the band as a whole combined textured keyboards and power guitars in a way few other '80s artists dared. The duo of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith enjoyed plenty of '80s fruits during their prime, but like many other hitmakers of the time, their best work somehow stayed too much in the shadows among pop music fans.

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Search for 80s music. On the left are links to official and fan sites and on the right a complete list of albums still available to buy. Joboxers They got lucky with one hit single. Read the News. Number 1's Bestsellsers Singles Albums. Video Quiz. Lyric Quizzes. Other Quizzes. Interactive Fun. UK No's 1. Live Aid. Music Genres.

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Feat'ed Artist. Your Top 10s. Charts by Year. Essential Albums. The 80's Look. Number 1's. What they Look like. What they Look like 2. What they Look like 3. What they Look like 4. The Brit Winners. Who Played. About The Event. New Romantics. Acid House.Popular culture in the s is often misremembered as being all about bellbottoms and disco.

But in taking a deeper look, and closer listen, you'll find out that there is much, much more to it than that. The artists on this list fused genres, cultures, and sonically diverse sounds—yielding a vast cultural experience that ranged from bright shining soul to the birth of glam rock. Now it's time to see how well you remember the glamorous decade because we are betting that you totally forgot about these once-huge bands from the '70s. Originally and more accurately called The Sweetshop, these unabashed early glam rockers boasted a hit catalog—including the chart-topping single "Blockbuster" —and bright leather pants.

For other classic '70s styles, check out 25 Things Cool People Wore in the s. But unlike disco, the band and its music prevailed. Generations and incarnations later, Boney M has sold million albums to date, and shows no signs of slowing down. A Dutch psychedelic band that found worldwide success with the single "Venus," which went No.

A great '80s sonic precursor, M introduced its signature sound to the world with "Pop Muzik," a catchy, synth-heavy single that went No. This British quartet took the harder road, shunning synths and disco balls in favor of loud guitars and stage effects that included fire-eating, exploding amps, and drum kits engulfed in flames. Such antics, combined with true '70s classical remixes produced many a hit. While this particular band was an actual one-hit wonder with the single "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes ," leader Tony Burrows was in fact a musical busybody, recording simultaneously with numerous bands that churned out a plethora of top 20 hits.

With huge sales, a slew of hits, and a half-century career, this trusted act may have ushered in 80s rock more than any other more recognizable group, fusing heavy glam with high-energy live shows. Their No. Most groups would call playing Woodstock and appearing in the '70s biggest musical film— Grease —a successful career.

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But that was just the beginning for this New York-based throwback act, whose hit TV series of the same name ran four seasons, and proved, inthe world still needed doo-wop. They were gone bybut try and find a dance mix without "Rock the Boat Baby. Gospel helped create rock-n-roll, and this Canadian band is certainly an example of the those two worlds colliding. This playful British band with a bizarre moniker, led by Ray Dorsethad a fondness for skiffle music and the blues.

The group's biggest claim to fame? The unavoidable, and sort of delightful, hit "In The Summertime. This band borders on the bizarre when it comes to its career path.This article includes an overview of the major events and trends in popular music in the s. The s saw the emergence of dance music and new wave. Rock music continued to enjoy a wide audience. In the late s, glam metal became the largest, most commercially successful brand of music in the United States and worldwide.

The s are commonly remembered for an increase in the use of digital recordingassociated with the usage of synthesizerswith synth-pop music and other electronic genres featuring non-traditional instruments increasing in popularity.

Also during this decade, several major electronic genres were developed, including electrotechnohousefreestyle and Eurodancerising in prominence during the s and beyond.

1980s in music

These urban genres—particularly rap and hip hop—would continue their rise in popularity through the s and s. A survey conducted by the digital broadcaster Music Choicewhich polled over 11, European participants, revealed that the s was the most favoured tune decade of the last 40 years. Reflecting on changes in the music industry during the s, Robert Christgau later wrote in Christgau's Record Guide: The '80s :.

The '80s were above all a time of international corporatizationas one major after another gave it up to media moguls in Europe and Japan. Byonly two of the six dominant American record companies were headquartered in the U. Indonesia now that we've sunk the pirates? After a feisty start, independent labels accepted farm-team status that could lead to killings with the bigs. Cross-promotional hookah became the rule—the soundtrack albumthe sponsored tour, the golden-oldie commercial, the T-shirt franchise, the video as song ad and pay-for-play programming and commodity fetish.

Record executives became fewer impresarios than arbitragersspeculating in abstract bundles of rights whose physical characteristics meant little or nothing to them. Rock was mere music no longer. It was reconceived as intellectual propertyas a form of capital itself.

Commercial stardom, as measured by music recording sales certificationsreplaced artistry as an indication of a musician's significance, according to Christgau.

The s saw the reinvention of Michael Jacksonthe worldwide superstardom of Princeand the national emergence of Madonna and Whitney Houstonwho were all among the most successful musicians during this time. Jackson's Thriller is the best-selling album of all timeselling 25 million copies during the decade.

His other album, 's Badhas the honour of being the first album in history to have five number-one singles on the Billboard Hot Its accompanying world tour also made history by being the highest-grossing tour by a solo artist in the s, as well as the highest-grossing at the time.

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In addition to being the biggest selling artist of the decade, Jackson had nine number-one singles — more than any other activities during the decade — and spent the longest time at number one 27 weeks in the s. He won numerous awards, including "Artist of the Decade" and "Artist of the Century", and was arguably the biggest star of the s. Madonna was the most successful female artist of the decade.

Top Pop Music Artists Of The '80s

Her third studio release, True Bluebecame the best-selling female album of the s. Other Madonna albums from the decade include Like a Virginone of the best selling albums of all-time, and Like a Prayer "As close to art as pop music gets," said Rolling Stone.

Madonna made music videos a marketing tool and was among the first to make them an art form. After the Like a Prayer album inMadonna was named artist of the decade by several magazines and awards. Whitney Houston was one of the best selling female artists of the decade in the US, behind Madonna and Barbra Streisand. Her eponymous debut studio album was the best-selling debut album by a female artist at the time, and her sophomore album, Whitneythe first by a female to debut at No.

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She also became the first and only artist to earn seven consecutive number-one songs on the Billboard Hot Paula Abdul hit it big in With her debut album Forever Your Girlshe was the first female to have four number-one singles from a debut album only The Jackson 5 had done the same with their debut.

She had five top ten hits from the album. Bythe disco genre, largely dependent on orchestraswas replaced by a lighter synthpop production, which subsequently fuelled dance music.

African American artists like Lionel Richie and Prince became some of the decade's biggest stars.

pop bands of the 80s

Prince was the decade's most prolific artist, not just by being the top-charting artist in the US and worldwide.Adam and the Ants were an English new wave band active during the late s and early s. The group existed from to Al Foster is an American jazz drummer.

Alan Parsons is an English audio engineer, songwriter, musician, and record producer as well as his own group, the Alan Parsons Project. Alex Chilton was an American songwriter, guitarist, singer and producer, best known as the lead singer of the Box Tops and Big Star.

Amy Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter known for her deep expressive contralto vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres.

After initial success with the The Tourists, she and David A. Stewart achieved major international success in the s as Eurythmics.

The Ultimate Collection: 80s Pop - 100 Hits

Arctic Monkeys are an English rock band formed in in Sheffield. King is considered one of the most influential blues musicians of all time, earning the nickname "The King of the Blues". The Beatles were an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in and widely regarded as the most influential acts of the rock era. Beck Hansen, known by stage name Beck, is an American singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He achieved fame in the s as a member of the punk rock band Generation X.

Montreal band, Blinker The Star were known for their heavy, ethereal, melancholic, brash and youthful style of alternative rock music. Blur are an English rock band, formed in London in The band helped establish the Britpop genre and achieved mass popularity in the UK. Bruce Springsteen Nicknamed "The Boss" is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and humanitarian. Buzzcocks are an English punk rock band, formed in by singer-songwriter-guitarist Pete Shelley and singer-songwriter Howard Devoto.

Described as "one of modern music's true innovators" with "a singular body of work virtually unrivalled in its daring and fluid creativity.

Carlos Santana is a Mexican and American musician who first became famous in the late s and early s with his band, Santana. Cat Stevens real name Yusuf Islam is a British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, humanitarian, and education philanthropist. Catherine Wheel were an English alternative rock band from Great Yarmouth, formed in and active until Christopher Isaak born June 26, is an American rock musician and occasional actor. He is best known for his hit "Wicked Game".

Chrissie Hynde has one of the most distinctive voices in rock music and is best known as the founder of The Pretenders. So sad to hear of the passing of Chuck Berry, rock 'n' roll legend who influenced generations of great musicians.

The Clash were an English punk rock band that formed in as part of the original wave of British punk. Artists All artists New arrivals Music genres Music eras. All photographers Featured photographers Graphic artists. Sort by New arrivals Price low to high Alphabetically.

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Adam and the Ants Adam and the Ants were an English new wave band active during the late s and early s. Al Foster Al Foster is an American jazz drummer.

Alan Parsons Alan Parsons is an English audio engineer, songwriter, musician, and record producer as well as his own group, the Alan Parsons Project.

Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter known for her deep expressive contralto vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres. King B.The s was a huge decade in terms of breaking pop stars. MTV was a cultural phenomenon that became a kingmaker in terms of helping create larger than life 80s pop stars. Singers like Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna, largely considered three of the biggest 80s pop stars, were greatly impacted by these new outlets.

Their iconic music videos revolutionized the way people consumed music. In a sense, the 80s turned run of the mill musicians into major pop stars.

While the merits of their respective widespread fame and acclaim can be debated, no one can doubt or diminish their achievements as some of the biggest stars of the s and most widely known and remembered 80s groups. Some of the decade's biggest pop artists and pop artists have endured to the present day.

Bon Jovi, Journey, and the late Whitney Houston are examples of 80s singers whose music was able to endure and are considered classics from that time period. Here is your chance to pick the best s pop stars.

This ultimate list will determine who was the greatest pop star of the decade, and it's up to you decide who takes the honor. Whitney Houston. George Michael. Electric Light Orchestra. Michael Jackson. Boy George. Rick Astley. Alice Cooper. Bee Gees. Culture Club. Linda Ronstadt. Steve Perry. Paul Young. Joe Cocker. Ric Ocaseck. Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Don Henley. Lindsey Buckingham. Adam and The Ants.So get your neon leg warmers out and synth-pop ears ready.

Even today, these four lads from Ireland are creating beautiful music. Talking Heads were unique in the way that they were able to reach mainstream audiences but hold onto their authenticity, something which music critics liked.

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Their trademark new wave sounds incorporated elements of punk rock, funk, and even world music. Many subsequent bands and musicians have named David Byrne and Talking Head as significant influences in their own music. A smash the charts and produce seven top ten singles on the Billboard Hot Formed inthis band from Georgia is often considered one of the ancestors of the alternative rock genre.

Their debut album, Murmurinstantly received acclaim and made a name for themselves. College radio supported them and their releases with endless airplay and numerous shows. Bret Michaels was among the countless rockstars that MTV helped to produce. With the help of controversial interviews and late-night brawls, the group earned a wild reputation. However, their underlying talent and business acumen resulted in worldwide recognition.

25 Huge '80s Bands You Totally Forgot Existed

Their iconic music videos and distinguished image launched them into international fame. When discussing the British indie scene and alternative rock, its likely that The Smiths will be mentioned.

In a decade of heavy synth usage played on the radio, The Smiths emerged from the underground with their guitar-driven sound, providing some different to synth-pop. Although their early work was generally categorized as gothic rock, The Cure soon transformed their sound to more radio-friendly ears. Their new blend of alternative rock combined with a lighter gothic sound paved the way for recurring entries on the Billboard Hot chart and global fame to this day.

Although a brief breakup, the band always seem to regroup and pick up where they left off and have become one of the best selling rock bands of all time. Although David Coverdale was shocked by the breakup of his classic rock band Deep Purple inhe soon released a solo album titled White Snake a year later. A year later, he had established a new band called Whitesnake and released a hugely successful debut album titled Trouble.

The move proved to be fruitful, garnering a loyal following and career spanning four decades.

pop bands of the 80s

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